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Fan magazines were very popular in the 1930s and 1940s. Moviegoers could buy any one of dozens of "fanzines" to read about the latest movies, keep up on the latest Hollywood gossip, and to get portraits and articles about their favorite stars. See the Judy in Magazines section here on the Judy Garland Database for lists of magazines, covers and online articles about Judy! Fan magazine portraits are often very beautiful, and many are in full color. Many of these portraits can be found only in magazines today.

Photo by George Hurrell, published by "Esquire" Magazine, June 1944 Cover of "Esquire" Magazine, June 1944
This war-time pinup of Judy "for the boys" by George Hurrell was published
in the June 1944 issue of "Esquire" Magazine (cover above right).
Click on image to view larger image. Also available as Windows wallpaper.

Beautiful portrait from
Woodbury Powder ad, ca. 1943.
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Judy and her niece Judaline,
ca. late 1939 or early 1940
(outstanding color printing for that era!)
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