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At 14, Judy Garland Has to Act Like Grownup...
Kansas Journal, November 9, 1936

Judy Garland Faces Stardom
by Victoria Johnson
Modern Movies, August 1937

Judy Garland Looks Back...
by Helen Champion
Screen Juveniles, August 1937

What Every Good Dog Should Know
by Sonia Lee
Hollywood, August 1937

Red Hot Mamma -- No. 2
Des Moines Sunday Register, August 8, 1937

Movie Mirror Junior
Judy Garland - Guest Editor
Movie Mirror, December 1937

Buy, Baby, Buy
Screen Romances, December 1937

Songs from the Youngsters
by W. John Elton
Film Weekly, December 25, 1937

Seattle Sunday Times Rotogravure
Excerpts from various issues, 1938

Judy Garland Spends a Day at Home
Screen Juveniles, February, 1938

Information Desk
Modern Screen, March, 1938

Life Goes to a Party
(The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi)
Life Magazine, March 28, 1938

Judy with a Punch
Film Weekly, May 7, 1938

Judy, The Brave Little Trouper
by Nancy Tillson
from Screen Fan Magazine, August 1938

Judy Keeps a Date
by Katharine Hartley
from Hollywood Magazine, October 1938

Garlands for Judy
by Ted Magee
Picture Play, December 1938

Dressing for That In-Between Age
Radio Mirror, December 1938

Meet Aunt Judy
Modern Screen, January, 1939

Judy Garland Inc.
Seattle Sunday Times, January 22, 1939

Judy Garland's Lucky Day
The Picturegoer, Summer Annual, 1939

Sweet Sixteen in Hollywood
Seattle Sunday Times Rotogravure, June 4, 1939

Judy's Crushes
Screenland, August 1939

Movie Life of Judy Garland
Movie Life, August 1939

I'm Not Boy Crazy!
Modern Screen, January 1940

Judy Garland Gets a Scare...
Movie and Radio Guide, March 1940

Man Arrested in Plot
to Kidnap Judy Garland

Los Angeles Times, March 8, 1940

One Smart Girl
Movies, May 1940

The Ugly Duckling Who Became a Swan
by Mary Jane Manners
Silver Screen, June 1940

Judy Garland's Guide Book to Dating
Movie Mirror, August, 1940

Should Judy Act Her Age?
Movie-Radio Guide, November 16-22, 1940

A Garland for Judy
by Dixie Willson
Photoplay, September 1940

Judy and Mickey Throw a Party
Look, October 8, 1940

Boys - and Judy Garland
by Ruth Waterbury
Photoplay, December 1940

A Rainy Day with Judy Garland
by Marion Pease, photos by Earl Theisen
Look, May 6, 1941

Dave Rose Talks About Judy
by Ida Zeitlin
Modern Screen, July, 1941

Will Judy Be Happy Married?
Screen Guide, 1941 (month unknown)

Engagement Party
Photos by Charles Rhodes
Screen Life, September, 1941

She's a Big Girl Now
Modern Screen, October 1941

My Daughter Judy
Modern Screen, November 1941

by Ethel Gilmore
(Judy's mother)
Modern Screen, January 1942

Judy's Jobs
by Edward Martin
Hollywood, January 1942

Fashion Valentines for Judy
Photographs by Carpenter
Photoplay, February 1942

Judy Garland
Full-page captioned photo
Modern Screen, March, 1942

Is Judy Garland Making a Mistake?
Screen Guide, June 1942

How to Grow Up Gracefully
(no author credited)
Click, February 1943

Pocketful o' Songs
by June Palms and Carolyn Dawson
Photoplay, February 1943

The Private Life of Judy Garland
Movies, March 1943

Something for the Boys!
by Rosemary Layng
Modern Screen, July 1943

How Can Judy Cheat Crisis?
by W. H. Mooring
Picturegoer, August 7, 1943

This Is Myself
by Judy Garland
Movieland, December 1943

Who Says There's No War
Screen Guide, May, 1944

Judy Garland - Lawbreaker
by Kate Holliday
Motion Picture, July 1944

Nothing Ever Happens to Judy
Modern Screen, August 1944

Slickest Gal in Town
Movie Stars Parade, October 1944

Secretary to a Star
by Norman Siegel
Motion Picture, August 1945

Judy Laughs it Off
by Marion Cooper
magazine unknown, ca. 1945

Judy Garland
Movie Fan Album, 1945

What I've Learned About Popularity
by Judy Garland
Motion Picture, March 1945

Love Song for Judy
by Adela Rogers St. Johns
Photoplay, April 1945

The Girl on the Cover
Go, September 1945

Halfway to Heaven
by Roberta Ormiston
Photoplay, October 1945

Judy - The Girl Who Became
"The World's Best-Dressed Woman"

by Adela Rogers St. Johns
Photoplay, November 1945

Around the Lot with Judy
Screenland, January 1946

The Punch in Judy
by Maxine Arnold
Photoplay, September 1948

Bloopface and the Babe
by Jimmie Garland
Modern Screen, October 1948

magazine unknown, ca. 1949

Berlin Adds Tune to 'Annie Get Your Gun'
Variety, March 2, 1949

Glamor Gushing on MGM Lot
Variety, March 14, 1949

Can Judy Garland Love Again?
by George Benjamin
Modern Screen, July 1949

Why Hollywood Prays for Judy
by Denise Carlson
Movie Screen, August, 1949

In Mama's Footsteps
Screen Stars, September, 1949

Work Can Be Fun
Silver Screen, September, 1949

Judy's Singing Again
by Carleton Alsop
Photoplay, November 1949

An Open Letter from Judy Garland
by Judy Garland
Modern Screen, November 1950

No Sad Songs for Judy
by Buddy Pepper
Photoplay, August 1951

All for Love
by Imogene Collins
Modern Screen, May 1951

Amazing Recovery of Judy Garland
by Judy Garland
Motion Picture, July 1951

Someone to Watch Over Me
by Joan King Flynn
Modern Screen, May 1952

Judy Garland's Musical Memory Book
by Maude Cheatham
Movie Life, August 1952

The Right Mr. Wrong
by Steve Cronin
Modern Screen, December 1953

Outstanding Americans of 1958
Family Weekly, December 28, 1958

Call Her Unpredictable
unknown magazine, 1964

The Sad Echo of a Distant Song
by Sanford Lewis
TV Mirror, ca. 1965

Judy Garland: Come on Kids -
Let's Make Memories!

Movie Mirror, February 1967

Coming soon (maybe)

Judy Garland's Final Gift to Her Daughter Liza
Screen Stars, November 1969

In a Burst of Energy
Sheilah Graham's Hollywood Yearbook, 1955

Didoes by "Fearless"
mag/date unknown

Look, April 10, 1962

Judy/Another Look at the Rainbow
McCall's, January 1962

Judy Garland: Loneliness and Loss
The New York Times, June 29, 1969

Judy Garland's Tragedie
Picolo, January 27, 1957

Judy Garland Is er Weer!
Picolo, February 12, 1950

Drie Mannen Speelden een rol in haar leven!
Picolo, September 11, 1955

Report on Judy
(mag/date unknown)

'Round New York Town
Movie Mirror, July 1939

I'm Not Boy Crazy!
Modern Screen, January 1940

Hollywood Can't Hurt My Daughter
by Mrs. Ethel Garland
Screen Guide, October 1939

Stay Home, Judy
by Elsie Janis
Star, January 1944

Patachou Judy Garland
mag/date unknown

"Words and Music"
Screen Stories, January 1949

Halloween Pary by Mickey Rooney
Modern Screen, November 1941

Always on the Edge of a Scream
Climax, August 1961

"The Clock"
Time Magazine, May 14, 1945

Judy Garland and the Goofball Caper
Whisper, December 1955

Judy of Oz
Hollywood Studio Magazine, April 1984

A Star Is Born Again
American Film, July-August 1983

Judy Garland 'Up Off the Floor'
People Today, Ocober 24, 1951

Is Judy Garland on Drug Binge?
Exclusive, July 1956

Judy Garland: One for the Seesaw
Nostalgia Illustrated, March 1975

"Ziegfeld Girl"
Screen Stories, August 1971

.... even more to come...

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