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This page contains records of interest released by labels other than those for which Judy recorded.
Exceptional records on other labels, rarities, sundry and other miscellany may be found here.


    Side A: Cocktails for Two (Tommy Dorsey)
    Side B: Trolley Song (Judy Garland)

THE Vogue Record (no catalog number); produced in 1945 as a prototype by Sav-Way in Detroit (i.e. never was meant for sale) as a precursor for Vogue Records which were sold from 1946 to 1947. Judy could probably never have been on a Vogue Record, since Decca would have objected to it (or asked too much money to licence a song...). Heaven knows how many copies of this disc exist! We don't have it, we just got hold of the picture.

[Contributed by Alain Falasse and Lawrence Schulman]

Judy Garland on Vogue Records
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V-Disc No. 335

Navy V-Disc 159-A
Released: 1944
Recorded at NBC on August 13, 1944
    Side A:
    1. Over the Rainbow (Arlen-Harburg)
    2. I May Be Wrong, But I Think You're Wonderful (Ruskin-Sullivan)
    (both selections by Judy Garland with Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra)

    Side B:
    1. Let the Rest of the World Go By (Brennan-Ball)
    2. Dear Little Boy of Mine (Brennan-Ball)
    3. A Little Bit of Heaven (Brennan-Ball)
    Sung by Dick Haymes
    (From the Twentieth Century-Fox film Irish Eyes Are Smiling, 1944)

Judy Garland on V-Disc
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During World War II, the folks at home put as much work into "the war effort" as did the men on the fighting fronts. The morale of the troops was of great importance, and many branches of the War Department, as well as many civilian organizations, provided entertainment -- in one form or another -- for the men far from home. Victory Discs (V-discs) were records distributed by the War Department (now called the Department of Defense) to the Armed Forces Radio Network for broadcast on radio, and were also distributed directly to base recreation halls and mobile units all over the world. Musicians donated their time and work in recording these records in support of the effort. [JJ]

Emily R. Coleman states in The Complete Judy Garland (1990):
"Both songs were recorded with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra in August 1944. They were broadcast on Armed Forces Radio Service (AFRS), "Your All-Time Hit Parade," #44 on August 13, 1944. (Tommy Dorsey filled in for Harry James, who had been hurt in a baseball game.) ... "I May Be Wrong" was introduced in the 1929 revue Murray Anderson's Almanac, where it was sung by Jimmy Savo."

Available on CD:
Judy Garland on Radio [1936/44]: Volume One
(All the Things You Are)
Vintage Jazz Classics
VJC-1043 (1993)
(also available in a 2 CD package, including the 1939 "NBC Good News" The Wizard of Oz broadcast of June 29, 1939: JZCL 5006 (1996))

The liner notes to the VJC-1043, written by David J. Weiner, states:
"In the summer of 1944, Tommy Dorsey had an NBC radio series, The Lucky Strike All-Time Hit Parade. Unlike the regular Hit Parade, which featured current hit songs, this show spotlighted Tommy's band and guest artists (usually Hollywood celebrities) performing standards and older hits. Many songs from these programs turned up on V-Disc records, released to soldiers overseas. Judy's appearance was no exception - both her songs turned up on the V-Disc heard here - with a special spoken intro tacked on later. ... Her evolving full-throated, mature style is captured on "Rainbow," contrasting with the youthful sincerity heard on her earlier recorded versions. "I May Be Wrong" places Judy in a band singer role; after the seldom-heard verse, she swings, and the band moves, too."

[Contributed by Alain Falasse and Lawrence Schulman.]

Blue Boy

Intense Records, 1993
Stereo, 33 1/3 rpm
Produced by Anthony Giustina
(graphic © Anthony Giustina, used with permission)

    Side A: Trolley Ride (4:18)
    (Martin, Blane)
    Original version appears on the album Trolley Ride
    Produced by Anthony Giustina
    Vocals by Judy Garland
    Other parts of Trolley Ride written by Anthony Giustina

    Side B: Hip Hop Will Never Stop (3:50)
    (Anthony Giustina)
    Original version appears on the album Trolley Ride
    Written, produced and performed by Anthony Giustina

[Contributed by Alain Falasse and Lawrence Schulman and by Anthony Giustina]

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"Trolley Ride" record label

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