Child abuse case

On April 20,1999 there was a school shoting in Colorado it was caused by two students in roled in that school at that time. Those two students killed 13 and injured 26 also taking there own life. It was said that these individuals had been constanly teased by there own fellow classmates. That is known as a type of child abuse know as emotional abuse. There are different types of child abuse and each of them have a major impact in a childs life. The main areas I will be focusing on will be mental abuse, emotional abuse, and phycial abuse.

First of all, emotional consist of bring down a childs selfesteem. It could stay simpley as name calling and progress to total degration. Many times or own family dosen’t see it that way but by even saying how dumb you are hurts. Many children who are abused in that way don’t think much of themselves as they get older which leads to poor success in life. Also many end up taking there life thats why the sucide is pretty high.

Secondly, I like to discuss a different type of abuse and that is Mental abuse relates to emotional but not much. Mental abuse could start as early as even the child is born. It could the mother is a drug abuser and or is an alcholic. Another way is when the mother refuses to get or be looked for by a doctor during pregancy sesion.

Finally, one of the most brutal abuse is physical abuse. This type of abuse far the most dangerous and deadly. In most cases it could start as simple as spanking and could lead on to stabbing, burning, or as bad as starving your child.

All in all child abuse should happen. Our children our the future of this country so we shall lend out a hand, open our heat give a child a great big hug

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