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Welcome to the Judy Garland Database! This web site is a long-term project dedicated to documenting Judy Garland's career, with emphasis on the MGM years (1935-1950). It is an attempt to pull together all the bits and pieces scattered throughout the many books, documentaries, liner notes and magazine articles about Judy; to pool all that information into one reference volume in a convenient format in which the serious student can find the facts pertaining to Judy's work.

Though there have been more than two dozen books written about Judy Garland, there is surprisingly little information published with respect to her works and her career. This web site is an attempt to concentrate on Judy's career, rather than her personal life. Information here is intended to be useful for collectors and researchers. Every attempt has been made - and continues to be made - to ensure the accuracy of the information contained herein.

Work on the Judy Garland Database began in 1993. This web site went online in 1995. Being a computerized database, this work can continue to evolve for a long time to come. As opposed to a book, which is static and unchanging, this web site is dynamic - ever growing and changing as more and more facts come to light. Even the front page and overall format of the web site has evolved through many changes over the years to help keep it interesting.

MGM publicity campaign for 1938
MGM publicity campaign for 1938

The Database survived its first crisis in the spring of 2001 when the author ran out of money and had to close the site down. But an overwhelming response from regular visitors, as well as many generous donations to "the JGDB fund," helped bring it back online again. The site was slimmed a bit at that time, and split between two servers to help keep the disk space on each server to a minimum. Many thanks to all who came to the rescue!

As of this writing, the Judy Garland Database consists of more than 800 pages and 5000 graphics, occupying some 120MB of disk space. The reader may access the information herein through index pages accessed from the Home Page, through the Site Map, or by use of the online Search function.

The Judy Garland Database is completely non-profit. It is a hobbyist web site. It is hosted on a high-speed backbone server; an ISP called ZiaNet, located in Las Cruces, New Mexico (USA). There is no business relationship between ZiaNet and Jim Johnson, the author of the Judy Garland Database. The author rents space on ZiaNet, just like any other user of the ISP. The only difference is that the author has to rent more disc space than most ISP users; hence the site costs more than the basic price.

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As of 2007, I have made my websites my full-time job. I am now retired, and depend on these web sites to help supplement my income. There are also many costs associated with maintaining these websites. Any assistance will be most helpful and most appreciated! You can help support JGDB and my other websites by purchasing items through the banners that you see on the site. You can also make donations at any time through Amazon or Paypal. Thank you for your support!

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Many of the photos used herein were scanned from old magazines from the 1930s and 1940s. The copyright (if any) on these photos is assumed to have lapsed. Most of the companies which published these magazines have been out of business for decades. In some cases, the rights to the material may have passed on to another owner, but I know of no such cases.

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