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The dolls on these pages are from my own personal collection. This is not a complete collection of all Judy Garland or Dorothy dolls by any means, but I've never seen a more comprehensive list or display anywhere else! One of the best places to find Judy Garland and Dorothy Dolls is eBay. A staggering number of dolls are available through that site, and the going prices are quite reasonable.

Soft-sculpture Betsy Soft-sculpture skiier

Betsy and the Skier
Homemade soft-sculpture dolls

1994 Bradley

1994 Limited Edition Dorothy

1984 Effanbee

1984 Judy Garland as Dorothy

1986 Franklin Mint

Franklin Mint
1986 Dorothy

Ideal Judy Garland Doll Ideal Judy Garland Teen Doll

1939 Judy Garland Doll (left)
1940 Judy Garland Teen Doll (right)

Madame Alexander Madame Alexander

Madame Alexander
Legends series

Mattel Barbie as Dorothy

Barbie as Dorothy

My Size Barbie as Dorothy

Multi-Toys 1988 Dorothy Multi-Toys 1994 Dorothy

Multi-Toys and Sky Kids
1988 Dorothy
1994 Dorothy

Multi-Toys 1988 Dorothy Dress-Up Costume

1988 Dorothy Dress-Up Costume

Presents Dorothy


Sky Kids Oz Toddlers

Sky Kids
Oz Toddlers

World Doll Easter Parade

World Doll
1984 Easter Parade

Paper Dolls

1974 Tom Tierney / Prentice-Hall
Thirty from the 30's

1978 Tom Tierney / Dover
Glamorous Movie Stars of the Thirties

1982 Tom Tierney / Dover
Judy Garland Paper Dolls

1941 Ziegfeld Girl Paperdolls

Peck Aubry
1995 Dorothy Visits Oz Paperdoll

Screen Life
1941 Judy Garland Star Doll

1994 Shackman
Judy Garland Cutout Paper Doll Set

1940 Whitman/Queen Holden
Judy Garland Cut-Out Doll Book

1945 Whitman
Judy Garland Cut-Out Dolls


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