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Judy Garland Music

This section contains links to all of the Judy Garland music pages on JGDB. Under the Judy Garland CDs heading are links to all pages featuring CDs. There is a complete (?) list of all Judy Garland CDs with a review on each one. From this page you can access CD reviews by clicking on "see details" or the cover thumbnail.

Of course one or more tracks of Judy recordings are included on many various artists compilation CDs. You can find many of these on that page. At one time, this page was nearly complete, but Judy tracks are on so many various artists CDs today that this page is nowhere near complete now. Movie soundtracks are also included in this section.

The Discography pages list recordings that were released on records (you remember - those plastic things). Most of the pages are not complete, but are still in progress.

The Songs pages feature information about all of the songs that Judy sang. It, too, is not quite complete, but it's getting close. The songs are divided into manageable lists by studio. There is also one master list which contains all of the songs here on JGDB that Judy Garland recorded. It is the master index into the song information.

In the More category has links to a page of sheet music covers and a page of lyrics to some of the songs Judy recorded.

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