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Judy Garland on Radio

Welcome to the Judy Garland on Radio section of JGDB. Here you will find a list of programs that Judy appeared on, along with detailed information (in some cases) about each show. This is an area of Judy Garland's career which has not been exhaustively researched, and information is hard to come by. There is no comprehensive list of all radio shows that Judy was on, and only a small portion of them have been preserved and made available to the general public today.

Many people have helped with the research for this page. I extend my sincere thanks to all of them. If you have a copy of a show that is not listed here, or if you know of a reference which lists a show not listed here, please contact Jim Johnson!

Radio shows are indexed by date on the menu to the left. There is also a list of all program titles in this section and there is also a list of songs that Judy sang which also indexes into the radio shows. This section of JGDB is quite incomplete and always under constuction, but it contains a good deal of interesting information as well as some interesting relat pictures that I have found in various magazines.

I have also digitized a number of programs that I have in my collection (on transcription discs). I have set up a download area here where you can download MP3 files of these shows for free. There is no reason to be nervous - all of these programs are in the public domain (no copyrights). I've also included links to a number of collectors and companies who sell Old-Time Radio (OTR) shows. Enjoy!

If you like what you see here, you may donate money to my general operating fund to help me find more transcription discs and to help keep JGDB online. Thanks!

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Judy in "Suspense"

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