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Judy Garland TV Shows and Documentaries

Judy Garland began working in television in 1955 when she was asked to host the first episode of Ford Motor Company's new series Ford Star Jubilee. The Ford Star Jubilee was a big success for Ford, CBS and Judy, so Judy was susequently featured by CBS in a number of television specials, most of which were referred to as "The Judy Garland Show" (not to be confused with the television series).

For the 1963/1964 television season, Judy co-produced her own series The Judy Garland Show. It was a variety show (a very popular format at the time) and was well received, but it was on Sunday nights opposite the blockbuster series hit "Bonanza," and the show did not pull the ratings required to survive for a second season.

To the left you will find a menu of links into the television section of JGDB. There is a page on each episode of "The Judy Garland Show," a page on each of Judy's appearances in her own specials as well as Judy's guest appearances in other TV series episodes. You can index into "The Judy Garland Show" by episode number, air-date, guest stars or song titles. There is also a link to the Judy Garland TV Shows on DVD & VHS page.

As an additional resource, click on Judy on TV Now to see what Judy Garland movies or TV shows are being shown on cable this week.

You will find a complete list of Judy Garland documentaries on the TV Shows on DVD & VHS as well.

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