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Who uses Just Great Database?

You do! Over the last years we’ve seen our traffic grow double digits from English speaking countries around the world.

These are mostly students like you who simply have a question that they need answered quickly and in an accessible manner. These are also professors looking for new creative ways to teach a class.

And a small amount of our visitors come from general public, like journalists or project managers who need to research a certain subject in order to understand it better.

Who set up Just Great Database?

Undeniable advantage of the Just Great Database is its creation background. The resource doesn’t belong to any particular college or university, but is meant to serve the needs of any student. In this way we ensure diversity of approaches, unbiased opinions and large variety of content.

This also means that the website is relevant for all of you, our dear visitors: be you a high school student, a crammer pursuing a law degree or a researcher looking to change the way we think about microbes forever. We have essential information on natural sciences, economics, math, languages, literature and many more subjects that you will want to study more closely at one point in your school career.

JGDB is cheaper than a tutor or even a textbook!

In fact, it is completely free of charge. With around $100 per piece for most of the course books you are required to use for studying, it is easy to go broke already in the first year of school. And honestly there’s nothing that sophisticated in a textbook author putting chapters in a certain order.

World’s best teachers have already elaborated on pretty much every subject there is in any curriculum – so just watch their online lectures, read articles and learn in a fascinating manner at no cost whatsoever.

JGDB is more fun than going to a library

With Just Great Database on the laptop, iPad or even phone, you can learn on the go making use of any minute you have for studying.

JGDB also offers you a unique community of learners from around the world that can make any discussion so much more interesting.

The database developed a convenient search algorithm that is meant to provide you with any information that is relevant to your topic. We are never out of books, we never close in five minutes just as you started to get the point, and if we don’t have something that you are looking for – contact us and let’s write this chapter together!


Last but not least, we don’t insist on being your one and only guide in academic world. We don’t know it all. But what we do know is making educational resources available and closer to those who need them. Consider Just Great Database a supplement to go with your educational experience. Enjoy!