Mountains of textbooks, the regular going to the library, sleepless nights, and lack of time to rest are a well-known story for every student. There are many different reasons why a student cannot easily deal with a task:

  • gaps in knowledge in a particular subject;
  • lack of time or simple inability to plan it;
  • misunderstanding of how to express your thoughts correctly.

Any of these reasons can become like a complicated challenge to do the task and will have a negative impact on academic success. It will be very annoying if one subject with which the student is not friendly spoils the overall picture of academic performance.

Familiar, is not it? However, do not despair, as there is always a way out of any situation.

Our team decided to create such a solution: Just Great Data Base for students. Just imagine that a group of like-minded people gathered in one place to solve the problems of many students. Every day, recent university graduates fill the base, through which students can find not only inspiration for writing essays but also answers to many questions.


Today, we began to develop the following areas for our students:

Business: here students can find not only unmeasured amounts of management information, marketing, and business laws, but also essays.


Philosophy: students can find here information about the most famous representatives of this science; learn about schools and directions from the times of ancient Greece and of course about modern times.


Literature: this is the direction that we will constantly develop and fill. Students today can find more than 300 of the most famous study guides. However, soon students will be able to find descriptions of characters and their quotes, literary devices, resumes, literary analyzes, essays and the most popular topics for them. By the way, we are also developing a separate database with terms in literature and business, in order to not to be confused with them. This database contains almost 1000 words already. We strive to create a student library, which will always be at hand. After all, it's cool when the necessary literature is always at hand.


By the way, it is necessary to say a few words about plagiarism. We want to draw students' attention to the fact that we are just helping you, and not providing you with ready-made materials that can be copied and issued as ready-made homework. We hope that our materials will be used as educational material in order to gain knowledge and create own unique conclusions and solutions.


Our team is willing to help our students with their studying process. Videlicet, we want to give you a start for further development. After all, we perfectly understand how sometimes there is a need in simple words and explanations in studies. This is what you can find with us. Remember, that you can write to us at any time if you cannot find the information you need and together we can make our Just Great Data Base better.