How to sell ads

In order to receive credit for Yearbook this semester, you are required to sell a full page of ads. You are permitted to sell any combination of ads as long as it fills up a page. Therefore, you could sell 1 full-page ad, 8 eighth-page ads or and thing in between.

Now this is not a difficult task to accomplish, if done correctly. The best and easiest way to sell ads is call the business and ask for the manager. When you get the manager on the phone, ask if he/she would be interested in purchasing an ad space in the 2001 Geneva Yearbook and if it would be possible to set up an appointment to see them. You need their signature to get credit for the ad so it is important that you make and appointment to see them in person.

Dress nicely when you go into the business; your chances of selling the ad space in much greater if you present yourself well. Be prepared when you enter the business to explain the ad prices, where they’re located in the book and why their purchase would be a good investment (what you will need to know is on the attached letter). Try to get the company to submit their own ad design because, otherwise, you are stuck creating it. Finally, you are responsible for getting the ad contracts and designs to Meredith by December 15, 2000.

In addition to the prices on the letter, you can also sell a full-page color ad. You can only sell a color ad to a customer purchasing a full page and the price of the color ad it twice the price of the regular ad. Meaning $300.00 for a color ad.

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