Agricultural Marketing Terms


Marketing concept


marketing (adjective, mar-ket-ing, \ ˈmɑːrkɪtɪŋ \) concept (noun, con-cept, \ ˈkɑːnsept \)

Definition: is a management philosophy stating that the best way to achieve an organization’s goals is by identifying and satisfying the voiced and unvoiced needs and wants of their customers. This philosophy can be brought into life by analyzing a particular business sector, determining its needs, and adjusting a company’s best products or services to match them. Organizations that follow this philosophy are recommended to make all its employees completely devoted to customer loyalty. Additionally, the marketing concept factors in such aspects as cost efficiency, market effectiveness, and social responsibilities.

In a Sentence:

  1. The new CEO of Durden’s Sports came up with an exciting marketing concept that included several innovative ideas on how they can better fulfill the needs of their customer base.
  2. Developing a groundbreaking marketing concept for an organization’s new product can make the difference between elevating the business to a new level and going bankrupt.
  3. You can see that Kyoko Games have a strong marketing concept stance, as they always change their products according to the wants expressed by their customers.

Synonyms and related words: management philosophy, product concept, concept company, business concept

Marketing controls


marketing (noun, mar-ket-ing, \ ˈmɑːrkətɪŋ \) controls (noun, con-trols, \ kənˈtroʊlz \)

Definition: are practices, policies, and procedures designed to monitor and manage a company’s marketing efforts. The employment of marketing controls allows an organization to locate any deviations or potential disruptions in its plans and correct them in a timely and efficient manner. Marketing controls are considered to be one of the most important duties of an organization’s marketing department, and their proper implementation can make the difference between the success and failure of a marketing campaign.

In a Sentence:

  1. Phillips’ marketing controls have allowed them to understand the mistakes they’ve made in their advertising campaigns. Now, they’re working on commercials that will better resonate with their target audience.
  2. If you want to succeed, you have to allocate more resources to marketing controls. I can guarantee you that sooner or later your marketing plan will have to be changed.

Synonyms and related words: marketing objectives, marketing strategy, marketing campaign, marketing plan

Field Marketing


Definition: [fild ˈmɑrkətɪŋ] assumes direct work with the target audience in the familiar environment. The main tool of the method is field research. Any field study assumes the researcher's participation in receiving primary information. What information and to what extent should be obtained is determined by the stated objective of the study.However, to obtain this information, field marketing research is used, which is divided into qualitative and quantitative research. Qualitative include observations, focus groups, in-depth interviews, protocol analyzes, projection and physiological measurements. Quantitative ones are different types of survey.

Field Marketing In a Sentence:

  1. The three methods of field marketing are survey, observation, and experiment.
  2. The initiator of conducting research in the framework of field marketing by the focus group method is usually an organization interested in studying the reaction of consumers to the product or service that it produces.

Synonyms and related words: marketing research, focus group, consumer behavior, survey, personal opinion, qualitative and quantitative research

Outdoor Marketing


Definition: [ˈaʊtˌdɔr ˈmɑrkətɪŋ] is aimed at communication and tasks with the project environment, with clients and other external personalities. The tasks of external marketing are promotion, content, activities outside the project. One of the activities is the placement of outdoor advertising. It is textual, graphics, or other visual information of an advertising nature that is placed on special stationary or temporary structures located in the open area, external surfaces of buildings and structures, street equipment elements, over the roadway of streets and roads or on them. Outdoor advertising is a channel for delivery of promotional information with low selectivity, affecting various types of mass audience. It refers to the oldest form of advertising and to this day remains one of the most common in advertising goods and services.

Offline Marketing In a Sentence:

  1. To encourage teamwork of all departments, the company pays special attention to outdoor marketing.
  2. Outdoor marketing is marketing aimed at people who do not work in the company.

Synonyms and related words: outdoor advertising, external and internal marketing, audience coverage

Direct Marketing


Definition: [dəˈrɛkt ˈmɑrkətɪŋ] is a kind of interaction, based on direct communication with the audience for the purpose of generating income. This assumes an individual approach to the consumer and feedback and provides for the constant updating and expansion of the customer base in order to offer goods that meet the requirements of customers. With such a relationship, the availability of intermediaries is not allowed. Very often this option of marketing interaction is included in BTL events. Direct marketing often uses messages to potential customers via e-mail, SMS, and is targeted to specific buyers, not to their communities.

Direct Marketing In a Sentence:

  1. Recently it is possible to observe a significant expansion of the application of direct marketing methods in all sectors of the market.
  2. The prevailing opinion about direct marketing as one of the ways of advertising can not be called absolutely correct. Many differences in direct marketing from the actual advertising, to which the user is accustomed, makes it possible to view it as a much more accurate and flexible tool in the hands of a marketer.
  3. Direct marketing tools are carefully personalized and allow marketers to identify and address precisely that consumer who is interested in products and services directly, and not to a huge audience with the expected response of less than one, if not less than one-tenth, percent.

Synonyms and related words: direct impact, communication, mailing, individual approach.