Green Marketing


Definition: [grin ˈmɑrkətɪŋ] is environmentally friendly activity related to the development, creation, and sale of products to meet the needs of the population, taking into account the environmental consequences. This is marketing, which is designed to change the worldview of customers, provide a new direction for competition and achieve market acceptance of innovative solutions to environmental problems. In any case, the definition of green marketing should be based on the main goal of marketing and the environmental basis for the development of any activity based on natural resources. Thus, ecological marketing is the company's activity in satisfying the interests of consumers by promoting goods and services that cause minimal harm to the environment at all stages of the life cycle.

Green Marketing In a Sentence:

  1. Green marketing emerged in the 1990s. as a continuation of social and ethical marketing, which defined the task of any company as establishing the needs, needs, and interests of target markets and providing the desired satisfaction with more efficient and more productive ways (than competitors), while maintaining or strengthening the welfare of the consumer and society as a whole.
  2. A new stage in the development of green marketing began in 2006-2007 due to the increasing motivation of citizens to eco-friendly consumption (actions of an individual, a group of people and the population as a whole related to consumption of goods and services that cause the least damage to the environment at all stages of the life cycle), regardless of what was his motive - taking care of one's own health, financial motivation, fashion or real concern about environmental problems.

Synonyms and related words: environmental marketing, ecological marketing, protection of nature, safe products, greening.