role (noun, role, \ roʊl \) model (noun, mod-el, \ ˈmɑːdl \)

Definition: is either an entrepreneur or an organization that is looked up to and venerated by another individual or company. A role model represents an entity that other individuals or companies strive to model either in its success, behavior, reputation, or something else. If one organization views another enterprise as a role model, it may try to copy its policies, procedures or strategies in hopes of achieving similar profitability or reputation. Common role model types include successful owners, managers, highly-professional employees, companies, and political or public individuals.

In a Sentence:

  1. Even though David was a simple accountant, he always viewed his manager as a role model and hoped to develop the same level of work ethic as his boss.
  2. As a new startup company, we see Apple as our role model and want to achieve at least a fraction of success it enjoys.
  3. I honestly never expected to become a role model to other directors on the board, but that’s what happened, and I’m really proud of this fact.

Synonyms and related words: roles, role player, boundary roles, role overload, devil’s advocate