Analysis of “Madame Bovary”

Today women have achieved the same rights as men. However, the needs of women are usually quite different. In this article, we want to provide you with the analysis of the novel “Madame Bovary,” which is the fatal crash of dreams and reality. Everyday reality is far from ideal, but separated from it, selfish dreams also do not contain anything in fact spiritual.

In the novel “Madame Bovary,” heroes are inhabitants of the French province of the 19th century. The main heroine is Emma Bovary, the young wife of a provincial physician. Emma is daring and always looking for new experiences. Being the daughter of a farmer, she read books about beautiful life. As to the main heroine, she loves luxury, beautiful things, brilliant receptions, but all this is impossible with the small wealth of her husband. She is frustrated by boredom and dreams of gallant men. Emma pretends that she loves her husband, but despises him, considering he is worthless.

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Emma's husband, Charles Bovary is a village doctor. He is not very smart, but good. A man loves Emma and takes care of her as much as he can. For Emma's sake, he will quarrel with his mother, who believes that Emma is a bad mistress. Charles is modest, timid, honest; often he cannot stand himself in front of others, his career is difficult. He loves her as much, as nothing in this world. But Emma does not appreciate her husband at all and blindly does not notice his love.

The composition of the novel has several features: a very long exposure, which allows you to understand the psychological motivation of the subsequent actions of the heroine. Also, the novel does not end with the death of the heroine but continues with several chapters, which show the consequences of the actions of the deceased.

Virtually every detail, episode and action of the protagonists put another "brick" into the logical concept of the novel and the psychological picture of the provincial society. The author depicts the character of the heroes and the details of their lives very carefully. They convincingly reproduce the color of the French province of the 19th century, showing the soulless bourgeois atmosphere. Most of the inhabitants of Gonville are decent only outside. They think just about their benefits; they are ready to seek it by any means. For example, the pharmacist Ome, who loves helping everyone, makes this in fact for his ambitions. The favorite entertainment in the town is to sculpt others and dissolve gossip.

The image of Madam Bovary combines selfishness and anxiety about relatives: a husband, a daughter, with great power of passion, which she directs to her lovers. But Emma loves her dreams more than real people. To create the illusion of a world that she likes, she spends her family's money, lies to her husband, and makes a debt.

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