Bernini and Michelangelo

Gian Lorenzo Bernini , was one of the most important artists of the Baroque period. Baroque art was born in Italy and spread throughout the seventeenth century throughout Europe. The works of the Baroque marvel at their large size and the involvement they are able to inspire. The word \"baroque\" indicated an irregular pearl, not perfectly round; because in the Baroque curved and irregular lines are used rather than simple and straight.

Rome in the seventeenth was a great construction site: architects, decorators and craftsmen came from all over Italy to work on churches, palaces and houses. Baroque sculpture had the ambition to represent figures that are about to move, shapes that transforms, or emotions.  Moreover, it followed the Renaissance style.

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Bernini  carried out his activity above all in dependence of the popes, therefore he worked mostly in Rome, interpreting the will of each pope to symbolize the power of the Church through works of art. Bernini  is known for his unique style that covered many points from the Baroque period. Bernini was born in Naples. He grew are up making little statues in his fathers workshop, therefore growing as a small artist.  If we compare him to other artists, we see a big difference that built in him, making him a unique artist. Moreover, One of his most creative and important artwork was David realized in Marble.

Moreover, along with Bernini, another artist named Michelangelo  depicted David in different ways, but having the same concept.  Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, known as Michelangelo, was an important artist of the Renaissance period. Renaissance art was one of the most important art that developed because of its change: it signed the transition for Medieval Art to Modern day art.

Works from this period were inspired by Classical Greek and Roman art and were known for their grace, harmony, and beauty. Michelangelo comes form a High Renaissance background which brought him in leading his artworks in fame. On the other hand, if we look at them closely together and we analyze them , we see that both of them have some similarities and differences.

Bernini’s  David was realized in 1504, so it comes from an Italian Baroque art. It is made of marble and it is 170 cm long. Bernini represents his facial expression as a very powerful and aggressive man who has deep strength to defeat the Gain figure Goliath.   It  is represented with the body twisting when he is preparing to hurl the stone towards the Giant Goliath.

The hero is starting to spin the slingshot and the whole body is engaged in this rotation: the muscles are tense, the expression of the contracted face is clearly seen and the eyes fixed in the target are clearly one of the main points which bring us in understanding what is happening and with what emotion he is showing to Goliath, but in this case towards the audience.  Instead, Michelangelo ’s David is a nude man with a very muscular physique. His arms and ready to slingshot the stone. We can see that his veins are shown.  Also, his left leg,which he stands,  appears a big too long for his body. His David represented an intellectual figure.

Even though Bernini and Michelangelo depicted two versions of David, there are some similarities and some differences. Both of these artists created David. They both used marble to create the figure and both, through there facial expression, represent that they were powerful and ready to compete. Both of them represent their battle with Goliath.

 Moreover, some differences are that Michelangelo’ s David was created around the 1504, while Bernini’s was created in the 1600s. This   amount of time (100 years) could tell us that Bernini may have gotten inspired by the amazing and unique work of David by Michelangelo. Furthermore, Michelangelo\'s David comes from a high renaissance background, while Bernini’s comes from an Italian baroque background.

I believe that Bernini and Michelangelo depicted the figure of David in a marvelous way. I also believe that probably Gian Lorenzo Bernini got inspired by Michelangelo’s David. On the other hand, both of them created dramatically two different sculptures which represented their scenes during the battle against the Giant Goliath.

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