Book Report on Oliver Twist

My Book Report on Oliver Twist The name of the author who wrote this book is Charles Dickens. He was born in Landport, Portsea, England, in 1812, the second of eight children. His father, a clerk, moved the family to London when Charles was ten years old. Two years later, the boy had to leave school to help support the family. This is how the story goes. Oliver Twist was an orphan. His mother died during child birth. When Oliver was old enough they sent him off to a workshop. He hated it there, they gave small amounts of food, and he wore rugged clothes.

On Oliver’s ninth birthday, the workshop inspector came. The inspector said that Oliver was too old to stay there so he had to move to another workshop. When he went to the workshop some men began to tease him that his mother died. One day Oliver planned to run away to London. There he found a boy wearing a long jacket, his face had many cuts. He took Oliver to a place with a lot of robbers. They trained Oliver to steal. During one of the robberies Oliver was shot. While he was lying there, two kind ladies, Rose and Ms. Maylie, saw him, carried him home and treated him.

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He also met a kind gentleman named Mr. Brownlow. He did a lot of things for Oliver; he even took Oliver into his house. Oliver was healed but Mr. Brownlow still wanted to take care of Oliver. One day when Oliver was sitting on the porch some men kidnapped him and threatened him that if he told the police they would kill him. Mr. Brownlow began to think that Oliver was a rude, selfish and ungrateful boy. Eventually, Mr. Brownlow found Oliver, and Oliver explained everything and the people who kidnapped him were in jail. Oliver grew up to be a kind boy and a respectful one. Done by: Ashlee Whyte

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