Did Hamlet Love Ophelia

The dilemma about the intrinsical meaning of the story about the Prince of Denmark is a perturbing issue of discussion. Question about whether Hamlet feels affection to Ophelia is still not answered because the author uses various evasive situations when readers get more and more confused. Those two characters are far from the classical understanding of “love.” However, just because they unusually display emotions, it does not mean that they do not love. In this essay, we will clarify which type of affection those two characters experience for the time of their spiritual connection.

If love exists amidst the couple, it is more related to unrealized plans which are created at the primary chapters of the unfolding plot. This inception does not develop because of the next events. There is a high likelihood that this couple will get married if not the ghost. Ophelia does not deprive the man of loneliness. It turns into a lure which serves as the instruments in the manipulators’ hands. The woman’s destiny is tragic as much as the man’s life. However, they do not help each other emotionally in coping with emotional disturbance. If they could share emotions with each other, they would be able to cope with the stress together. Because of their young age, the couple cannot overcome problems alone. They have some feelings for each other, but they do not understand that love can be used for sympathy and support.

Another problem which arises is their different attitudes to life. The man is immersed in his philosophical thoughts; he cannot share it with anyone because it is his nature to be concealed. The woman is open-hearted, she is eager to hear explanations instead of understanding her beloved without words. She demands actions, but he is obsessed with his agitation. Misunderstanding causes the conflict which turns out to be tragic for both characters.

Hamlet does not pay attention to the girl’s feelings deliberately. He sometimes displays ambiguous emotions which fluctuate from indifference to sharpness. Such a weird and even inhumane behavior can be explained by the man’s dispiritedness in the world and women. He is betrayed by his mother who was an example of an ideal woman for Hamlet. The man’s mental state of depression impacts the romance negatively because he speculates that all females are liars. Such tragic filled with the strongest insult of love cannot but break the fragile heart. When Hamlet accidentally kills his father Ophelia, the unfortunate cannot bear such a tragedy and dies. And only on her deathbed Hamlet admits that he loved this lady.

Taking everything into account, the emotional bond of the beautiful couple is complicated. It can be said without hesitation that they had some tender feelings to each other. If not for the fate, they would be together and lived happily. However, they did not manage to overcome difficulties as a couple, and this turned out into tragedy.

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