Ethical Leadership and Critical Decision Making


In this assignment I am going to discuss about ‘Ethical Leader’ and my personal values to be an ethical leader. Ethics should start at the top of an organisation. It is a leadership issue and the chief officer must set the example. (Edward, n.d.). According to me an ethical leader is a leader who follows the ethics like doing the right, being decent, honest, honorable, straight forward, accountability and integrity and following the rules of the organisation. In one word an ethical leader never break the rule’s, never go against the rules of the law and don’t let go anyone in the wrong direction. 

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Personal Values to be an Ethical Leader

The most important characteristic of an individual is values and ethics. These are the things basically define who we are and what we believe. Values and ethics can be determined by many factors. Culture, religion, and many other factors show impact on our beliefs. (Bartleby writing, 2007).

Leadership is an influence relationship between leaders and followers who intend real changes and outcomes reflecting their shared purposes. Values like Honesty and integrity, commitment and passion, good communicator, decision making capabilities are the important aspects for a leader to become an ethical leader. Honesty is expressing our views, thoughts and feelings even if it is uncomfortable, honesty can also be defined as openness.

Integrity is going forward believing that our prospective is correct and doing right for the organisation. Commitment and passion is known as being dedicated for an activity or showing loyalty, responsibility to the respective work. A good communication is required for a leader like discussing with the followers, manager regarding the work in order to discuss the issues or errors that occur and communicating with the team members respecting and listening their ideas and values is the major thing for a leader in becoming the ethical leader. A decision making capability shows a huge impact on focusing organizational improvement.

Actions and Behaviors of Ethical Leader

Behaviors like building trust, acting with integrity, inspiring others, encouraging innovative thinking, coaching people, rewarding achievement are the things a leader must do in order to achieve or grow as an ethical leader (Charter for Compassion, n.d.) . An ethical leader guide’s his team mates in achieving the common goals, maintain trust between the team members, treating all the followers in a fair view, an ethical leader not only share the things that are important for the organization but also share the personal things and respect the ideas of the team members in achieving the success.

Ethical leader plays an important role in achieving the goals. To become an ethical leader efforts like energy, passion, physical stamina, knowledge, judgment, self-confidence, enthusiasm, education, interpersonal skills, sociability, cooperativeness, mobility are the things which leads to become an ethical leader. (Lambon College, 2018).Code of Ethics

Code of ethics is to develop, establish and maintain standards of professional ethics for members of the profession. Code of ethics in pharmacy should be applied for focusing on the well-being and best interest of the patient, providing the relevant and sufficient information for the patients, providing appropriate therapy for the patients, respecting the autonomy and dignity of the patient, providing primary care for the patient safety. (Ontario College of Pharmacists, n.d.). So, these are some steps that comes under effect with the code of ethics.


To become an ethical leader a good communication with the staff, trust among the team members, respecting and welcoming the ideas of the team members, treating everyone in the fair way, following the rules and regulations of the organisation, avoiding the mistakes that made by a team member by guiding him/her in solving the problem in a friendly manner where it shows the respect on the leader. Every leader cannot become an ethical leader there are certain circumstances to achieve or becoming an ethical leader.
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