Excessive Intake Of Protein, Fats And Carbohydrate In Diet; Their Impacts On Health


The biggest problem with your body transformation goals start from diet goals of nutrition and yes,the exercise is also extremely important but without diet they goes wrong.In nutrition,there are protein,carbohydrate,fats,vitamin and so on.Dieting is the practise of food in a regulated and supervised fashion to decrease,maintain and increases body weight to prevent and treat our body from diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure.

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One of the first dietitians was the English doctor named George Cheyne.He,himself was tremendously overweight and would constantly eat large quantities of rich food and drink and then he began a meatless diet,taking only milk and vegetable and so regain his health.He start to publicly recommending his diet for everyone who suffering from obesity.The first person who discovered about protein is Linus Pauling in 1950’s.He became known as a founder of molecular biology due to his discovery of the spiral structure of proteins.Proteins are large biomolecules or macromolecules, consisting of one or more long chains of amino acid resideus.

Fat is one of the three main macronutrients.Fats molecules consist of primarily carbon and hydrogen atoms,although they are all hycarbon molecules.Example includes cholesterol,phospholipid and triglycelerides.’Lipid’ is the general term,though lipid is not necessarily a triglyceride.’Oil’ normally refers to a lipid with short or saturated fatty acid chains and liquid in room temperature.While fat may specifically refer to lipid that are solids at room temperature.In 1929 and 1930,the husband and wife team,George O. Burr and Mildred Burr discovered about fatty acids from analuses of rats fed special diets.Claude Bernad,who in 1856 discovered a starchlike substance in the liver of mammals.Carbohydrate group includes sugar,starches,cellulos, and a number of other chemical related.


Protein is an essential macronutrient needed by the human body  for growth  and maintenance.Food rich in animal protein are meat,fish,eggs and dairy product and while plant foods are mainly legumes,nuts and grains.The body is in a constant state of flux,constantly breaking down and rebuilding its own tissue this includes in period of sickness or increased physical activity..We need to consume enough protein for these processes to occur.However,if we eat more than we need,the excess protein will be broken down and used for energy.

There are many reasons why we have to limit our protein intake.If you take protein more than your body requires,it will simply convert more of those calories to sugar and fats.This will increased blood sugar levels can also feed pathogenic bacteria and yeast such as candid albicans as well as fuelling cancer growth.Besides that,when we consume more protein,our body must remove the nitrogen waste product from our blood which stress on our kidney Chronic dehydration will also effect mostly to athletes.

High intake of particular protein sources,for red meats such as lamb,beef and pork as well as processed or charred meat have been linked into variety of chronic diseases.As for man,they need much protein for their growth and energy than women.This is based on excessive protein diet requiring more calcium to be processed and excreted which may come from the bones if unavailable for womenYes,calcium is good for bones but taking too much gave us the side effect.However,calcium is created by eating other product such as dairy product and this can cause osteoporosis.Besides that,excessive protein intake may increase calcium  excretion in kidney.


Eating too much fats can increases your risk number of health threat.For stater,by eating more fats make you make.Fat contain 9 calories per gram.That mean fats has twice calories than carbohydrate and protein,which both has 4 calories per gram only.Eating too much solid  fat,which provides no essential nutrition other than calories,can also indicate deficiencies in  beneficial dietary fiber.There are two main type of fats than can be found in food are saturated fats and unsaturated fat.

One of the effect by taking too much fats is can lead to gain more weigh or we called obesity.Fats is rich with calories even in moderate serving sizes and eating overly-large portions of these foods that can cause gain more fat.Eating in large amount one at the time and no doing exercise after that can lead to obesity and gain more weight.Obesity usually lead to many diseases like blood pressure and diabetes.Most oil and fats contain both saturated and unsaturated fats in different amounts.

Besides that by high fats intake can also lead to cardiovascular diseases.This is because the fats can prevent the blood flow to the heart and this can cause dangerous diseases to our heart like heart attack and stroke.The effect can includes the organ if we not control the amount of taking fats and leads to fatal complication.This high intake fats can leads to the high blood sugar level that found in foods not just fats but also too much sugar.This high blood sugar level leads to diabetes.


Carbohydrate are part of a healthy diet.However,consuming excess carbohydrate could prove harmful and effect of which can be lethal from short term problems to long term chronic diseases.Taking too many carbohydrate can be detrimental to our health as its allows the dangerous substances to enter our bloodstream.But not all carbohydrate are harmful and not all carbohydrate are good.Plant-based whole carbohydrate such as fruits,vegetable and grains where low calories like green vegetables.Example for refined carbohydrate are white flour,pasta,bread,noodles and product made of  flour.Carbohydrate almost same with fats.

Futhermore,eating more carbohydrate in diet can change into excess fat of  our body.When  our body reaches to extreme point,this fats causes the arteries’ walls to thicken up.Consumption of saturated fat happens in the arteries’ walls,thus narrowing the space of blood flow.Then causes of discruption in the bloodstream and increases the risks of heart attack and stroke.This condition is called as atherosclerosis.Besides that,consuming high intake of carbohydrate increases the number of triglycerides in our blood,which then raises the risk of developing heart diseases.It is also causes arteries to swell and blood clots may occur in blood system and heart.Carbohydrate also cause diabetes because most carbohydrate is sugar,potientally effect for body if taking in big amount of carbs.


In a way to our body to be more healthy is by controlling measures of our own diet whether is too much or too less.Using way by controlling measures is the best way to keep our healthy lifestyle from diseases.Controlling measures means that to eliminate completely or reduce potential from dangerous or risk.Too much nutrition can lead to hazard it is just same with taking too less nutrition.We can start by planning diet plan but there also some people said that doing some exercise can help us to be more healthy.

Each macronutrient plays an important role in keeping your body running optimally,so you need all of them in reasonable amounts in your daily diet.

It is important to know and learn how you planning the diet plan especially for those who having diseases.The first is daily protein intake.Protein play a huge role in diet plan and mostly bulid muscle for the body.Our body need protein for growth and bones but not take them too much it gave effect to our kidney.The common high quality sources of protein are fish,egg,milk,chicken and many others too.Then,the second is daily fat intake.

There basically many types of fats(saturated,monosaturated and polyunsaturated) and each of them have significant own effect to the body because of this fats mostly must be avoid.Try to less to avoid some diseases but the fats also needed for the body especially for the energy to do physical activities.The common high quality sources of fat include nuts,oil.In  food pyramid,the least of taking is fats.Prepare foods with healthy fats like virgin coconut oil.Virgin coconut oil is highly saturated fat and can reduce diseases.

.We can also getting vegetable instead of potatoes,pasta or bread into our meals to get less carbohydrate.Too much carbohydrate can lead to diabetes because of high sugar in foods but we also need it to convert into energy to our body like fats.Carbohydrate are currently viewed as the main culprit for gaining fat.We also can looking at the food labels that provide information about amount of nutrition in foods or product.Controlling measures is important to maintain amount of nutrition like protein,carbohydrate and fats in our body.


In Malaysia,the people mostly like to eat their food without thinking about their health.The famous current issue in Malaysia is about obesity.This is because Malaysian people like to eat food that rich with high calories likes junk foods.Malaysia has been crowned as the champion of obesity in Southeast Asia.This is based on the report of an independent body,Economist Intelligence Unit’s Tackling Obesity in Asian which conducts studies for Malaysia,Singapore,Indonesia,Thailand,Philippines and Vietnam.

From the report,the current obesity level of Malaysians is 13.3 percent,while overweight is 35.5 percent.Obesity is overweight or more fats in our body that can leads to dangerous diseases like stroke,heartattack,blood pressure and so on.Obesity also can cause insulin cannot be used to control the sugar level in body that leads to diabetes.

There also another scenario that happened in Malaysia beside obesity is diabetes.Malaysian people like to eat sweet foods or that high sugar that can leads to diabetes.In 2017,the Ministry of Health estimates 3.6million Malaysians above the ages  now suffer from diabetes.Malaysia’s food contain high fats and sugar and Malaysian also like to eat fried food that contain too much oil that not good enough for our own body.So,this is very serious problem that we have to reduce or prevent from the beginning.


Controlling measures is good way to overcome the diseases from taking too much nutrition like protein,carbohydrate and fats.People can stay healthy and be more fits because of what they eat and good balancing amount of nutrition in diet plan.Furthermore,taking good of our own body like doing exercise and eating vegetable or fruit can maintain our health.

The dangerous diseases like blood pressure,heartattack,stroke and diabetes can be obtained with good controlling measures especially for the old age.We should train our children to start eating healthy food instead of junk foods.

We can also get job opportunities involve nutrition such as dietician,food security and so on.It is because of the current issue likes obesity,diabetes and others are famous among the world.It is great opportunity to others people realize how important to stay healthy by involving this field.


In the conclusion,We should be more alert on how to maintain when taking nutrition for our body.High intake nutrition like protein,carbohydrate and fats gives us many impacts and taking less intake also give their own effect weather is good or bad.Nutrition is the part that play important role to our body and it is depends on us to control it.Besides that,choose healthy food to start every meal or include both for who beginner to planning diet by eating fruits and vegetable and avoid eating fast food that contain high calories,oil and salt.We also should avoid eating food that contain high sugar for our body.We should take care our body in good way for long lives.  


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