Report About Bangladesh Milk Procedures Co-operative Union Limited


Bangladesh milk procedures co-operative union limited (BMPCUL) which is known as milk-vita. The dairy sector of the country is one of the major agricultural industries. Bangladesh government and Bangladesh Milk Producers’ Co-operative Union Limited (BMPCUL) is works together for this company. It promises to serve pure and quality products to the consumers. the basic general objective is to afford inputs to farmers at low cost and to reduce the income gap between rich and the poor.In the tune, it has been acknowledged that some rural benefits are already flowing to a group of co-operatively organized small farmers through the Bangladesh Milk Producers’ Co-operative Union Limited (BMPCUL). its also concern for developing the production and quality of a dairy product.

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This report I prepared on my one-month practical experience at BMPCUL. This Internship program gives me a lot of knowledge about milk and milk products practically. This report has been presented based on my observation and knowledge gathered from the company. The organization has many divisions and department but I got the opportunity to work in the production department and quality control department. This report mentions both raw and processed milk and milk products qualities and processing knowledge.

My report is based on quality control and production of dairy products of BMPCUL. The first part of the report covers information of the organization. The second part of the report contains the raw milk test and quality factors. The third part of the report covers production of dairy products. The last part contains the concluding part. This research’s result that found is much considerable.




Milk is an ideal food for all kinds of mammals. Milk comes from mammary glands of animals. Generally, raw milk of cow & goat found in the local market but processed milk are found in a grocery shop as packaged milk.

Now a day number of companies produce process milk are available in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Milk Producers Co-operative Union Limited (BMPCUL) or Milk-vita is one of them. Milk-vita collects milk from the local village or market by a co-operative union. Before collecting them milk-vita test the quality of milk by their local experts and test milk. After that pasteurization of milk then they transport collected milk to their all milk processed plant and transport is refrigeration system or cooling system. This system should be reliable for a required time enough to ensure the required temperature. Otherwise, the milk collected can be wasted. The truck is subjected to several times of traveling from the collection spot to the processing plant. But before sending them they chilled their collected milk for ensuring the quality of milk.

1.1 Definition of Milk

Milk is a translucent white liquid substance which is produced by mammary glands of mammals. It is the primary source of nutrition for young mammals before they are able to digest other foods. Milk is also defined as lacteal secretion free from colostrum. Milk is obtained from healthy cows 5 days after and 15 days before parturition.

1.2 Origin of the Report

Daffodil International University & Department of NFE provide an Internship opportunity for students in a different company and different sectors. The internship program is a graduation requirement for NFE students. Its main purpose is to give the student knowledge about practical experience and real work place. It gives an opportunity to the student to get closer to job seekers. Main challenge for an intern student is to use theoretical concepts in real life experience.

The study and internship program has the following purposes:

1. Might Find my Future Employer, and think what work prefer for me.

2. To come out from textbooks and learn about the real world.

3. To help students to express dependability, initiative, and professionalism and tasks they are assigned

4. To fulfill the requirement of NFE Program

5. To compare the real scenario with the lessons learned in DIU

6. To know about Milk-vita how to they work.

7. To learn about production and quality control of dairy products in milk vita 

8. To learn Different types of dairy products.

9. Find my role-models 

10. Test-Drive my knowledge and skills. 

11. Strengthen my CV

12. If I do well, I have a network.

13. It can be the Experience of a lifetime.

This report is the result of one month\'s long internship program directed in Bangladesh Milk Producers Co-operative Union Limited (BMPCUL) is prepared as a requirement for the completion of the NFE program of Daffodil International University. As a result, I need to submit this report based on the “Quality control Assurance and Production of Dairy Products at BMPCUL.

1.3 Objective of the Study

The objective study is divided into two types.

• General Objective.

• Specific Objective.

General Objective:

• The main objective of this study is to learn the production and quality control of milk & milk products.

• To know about how to process milk and milk product.

• To fulfill the Bachelor of Nutrition & Food Engineering degree requirement of Faculty of Allied Health Science of Daffodil International University.

Specific Objective:

More specifically contains :

• To have an idea of activities Bangladesh Milk Producers Co-operative Union Limited (BMPCUL) 

• To focus on quality control and the hygienic production of Dhaka Dairy Plant (Milk- vita)

• To know the different activities of this organization milk vita.

• To give an overview of Bangladesh Milk Producers Co-operative Union Limited (BMPCUL).

• To know how to they HACCP Maintain in the production house.

1.4 Scope of the study

Over widespread discussion, this report has been prepared. The main objective of this study is the Production and Quality Control of Milk & Dairy Products compositional standard and quality and processing of dairy products by the Dairy products Producers Company. The report covers details about the Production and Quality Control of Dairy Products under Hygienic Condition. However, I got an opportunity to work in both the Production & Quality Control Assurance Department.

1.5. Methodology

A methodical process is required for the research of the final report. The methodology starts from the selection of topic, data source,interpreted results in a systematic manner and key points are to be found out. The overall process of the methodology is as follows:

Selection of the topic:

The topic selection for any research is very important. It depends on expanded knowledge and on-practical skill from the assigned carefully select the topic cause it will help knowledge gain.

Source of data:

Important data can be collected from both primary and secondary source.

Primary Source of data:

• Primary data collected from the practical work

• Data collected from the employee.

Secondary Source of data:

• From official and officers of the organization

• From newspaper, journal, articles etc.

• Different websites related to dairy science.

• From manuals and files of the organization.

Tools Used:

Some mathematics, graphical tools are used in this report for analyzing the data and to classify different types of data.

1.6 Limitation of the report:

Every report have some limitation so my report has also some limitation. These are given below:

• Due to some limitation, some information, especially from ultimate employees could not be collected

• Due to some rules and regulation, they did not give me some information because that is against their policy

• All of them was not filled up the feedback properly which cause insufficient data

• Due to insufficient time, they were unable to give me information.



2.1 Historical Background of the Company

Bangladesh Milk Producers Co-operative Union Limited (BMPCUL) known by its brand name Milk-vita. Late M. Mukhlesur Rahman Pioneer of Dairying in Bangladesh a Dairy Plant was established at Lahirimohanpur, Pabna (presently Sirajgong) It starts its journey in 1946.this time milk product easy to send Kolkata market for the railway system. in 1952 After divided, the original owner of Eastern milk Products Limited a private company buying this dairy company. the first milk producers’ at Lahirimohanpur  Government patronization over the plant. co-operative was formed In 1965,  under the name Eastern Milk Producers’ Co-operative Union Limited (EMPCUL).In 1973 under their supervision, Bangladesh government has taken it. when Bangladesh government owner of the company the change of the company named. In 1977 a brand name of the company was fixed as Milk-vita. the poverty alleviation The Father of nation Bangobandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman to enhance the milk production for this country. Bangladesh Milk Producers Co-operative Union Limited (EMPCUL) established different plants in Baghabarighat (Bogra), Tekerhat (Madaripur) Mirpur-7 (Dhaka).

Earlier Bangladesh Milk Producers Co-operative Union Limited (EMPCUL) has started its journey to supply raw milk countrywide. Then it started to supply different dairy products.

The Head office of this organization named “Dugdha Bhaban” is at Dhaka. At present, it is one of the top-ranked dairy industry in Bangladesh based on quality.

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