The Invasion of Social Media

Social media has become one of the most famous controversial topics around the world and is a product of the evolution of technology. It influenced and invaded the generation today creating a rapidly increasing social network audience compared to the audience observed in the past decade. It has become a big help since it provides an effective and easy way to communicate with other people, to share information and to discover new things.

People find it really hard to communicate with other people who are far from their place before social media was invented because it takes a long process before they can receive a reply. Since easier communication was implemented by social media, it is already possible to receive replies immediately. 

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People know that social media covers a wide area of this world. They have a lot of chances to discover different kinds of people even though they don’t exert effort to go in each place. Through this, they will not be having a hard time knowing their culture and other facts about their country because social media is there to give them the information that they wanted. Different nationalities and ethnic groups were found in different parts of this world. With the help of social media, people get to know them in an easier and less hassle way.

Communicating with your relatives abroad was once a problem but because of the modern technology, it was solved. Social media is making it possible to connect with your loved ones abroad. With the use of some applications including Facebook, Twitter, Email, and other likes, communicating with them were even made easier. People don’t need to pay bigger fees just to have a conversation with their loved ones. Just a tap or a click of a button, they will now be able to talk with them. 

Improving social relationship is one thing that social media has been implementing. When people use social media, they tend to have higher level of confidence to engage themselves in social relationship. They will be able to communicate with people whom they don’t know personally. These kind of people create friends with anonymous people to make them their stress outlet. 

Social media also made it possible to share information, for all intents and purposes, coming from the other part of the world in a big way. It gave people the chance to know certain learning’s about a specific topic.

With the use of social media, you will become updated of what’s happening in your country and other countries as well. Almost every thing that you can think of can be found in social media. The most common site in getting information is Google. Google knows almost everything and it contains the information that you are looking for. If you have some questions, you can ask google and google will give you the answer immediately.

Probably, most people especially students does research for their assignments, curiosity, and projects. It is much easier to get information in social media compared to reading books because this will automatically give you the information that you wanted. It is also a great help for students who are having their practical research specifically their  Review of Related Literature (RRL). Having social media makes it easier for them to access the things that they need but they have to be careful in doing so. They need to access websites who are trustworthy to avoid having fake information.

In social media, you’re not only getting information but you also give information. By simply posting something in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, you are giving an idea to the netizens what are you up to at the moment. People need to be careful when sharing information is social media. It is their responsibility to know if they have received a legitimate information to avoid the spreading of wrongful information that might create chaos in social media. That’s why people should be careful of posting such things.

People easily gets curious about unfamiliar things. When they heard or saw a particular topic that got their attention, they tend to ask people about it and use social media as an effective and great tool in discovering new things.

It has been said that social media has everything that people are looking for, so people absorbs more knowledge when they use social media sites. Knowledge is necessary in every human being since these are facts and ideas that has been proven by studies, investigation, and observation. Having more knowledge means knowing more realistic things. They need to apply these kind of things in their lives. People who absorbs new knowledge are people who accepts the nature of reality. 

People explore this world using social media. They tend to dig deeper in every information that they have about a particular place. They always want to know more and to learn new things about that place. Their curiosities will be answered by social media in a way that it provides satisfying answers. People became effortless explorers because of social media.

People live in today’s generation where people slowly makes social media their entire life. Modernized technologies including social medias were made to make people’s everyday life easier. Do not hesitate to learn and discover new things. People should avoid ignorance about reality and make social media a tool to know things about it. Social media should be used in a right way so that people are not going to be ignorant about a what is right.

Therefore, social media is a very significant invention that makes a person’s life much easier. Despite of its negativities, there are lots of benefits and contribution that social media gave. People should know that these treasure is a kind of gold. A very important thing that nothing can take its place.

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