Music Genres and Emotions

Music is present in every moment of our life. Music can be found in movies, TV, radio, the Internet, and actually, a lot of people have access to it in their cellphones or IPods. Music has a lot of different genres, like country, rock, pop, hip-hop, rap, romantic and many others. Each genre has a different rhythm, and a different lyric’s style. Every person enjoys listening to a genre that is different than the favorite rhythm of other person. That means that all the people have different preferences regarding music. And listen to some rhythm that also depends on the person’s mood. Some moments in your life you can feel bad, happy, in loved, or you can feel any feeling, that you feel connected to some type of songs, so music get you and you believe that music understands you, so you listen music depending on how you feel.

For example, when you feel happy or you are having a good time, and you want to celebrate. You want to listen to energic, happy and rhythms that you can dance at. When you want to dance just for happiness, you listen to music like pop or hip-hop or including electronic music. While you are happy and excited, you have a lot of energy and dancing is a good way to waste or reduce that energy. When you go to a party, you want to dance and have some fun, so you need music that makes you feel happy. So, when you are feeling happy, you will always want to stay happy more time and joyful music will always help.

But in other cases, you will want to listen to another music genre. For instance, when you feel sad or you are depressed, you want to take all of those feelings out of you. You listen to music that makes you remember what had happen and you start to cry about it. When someone breaks up with their couple, they are going to feel bad and think that music will help him or her to find some answers. It is the same case when you lost a friend. You want to remember what you have lived with him or her. Sad or emotional music will always bring to your memory the moments you are missing the most. So you will start crying or feeling emotional.

And a moment that will always have music present on it, it will be when you fall in love. When you love somebody, you will always be thinking about him or her. Music, more specific romantic music will be present from the beginning of the relationship to the end. You will believe that every song is written perfectly for you and your relationship. Romantic moments will always have a song to remember that moment; and it will describe what you feel for.

In conclusion, music will be present all the time in your life. When you feel some feeling there will be a song that will help make you feel comfortable or just feel good. When you feel happy just listen to music and start to dance. Do you want to remember what you lived with an ex friend? Just listen to music that reflects that relationship. And when you are in loved, remember to always have a music player full of songs that describe how beautiful she or he is. Music will be in every moment of our life and will affect how you feel.

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