Abraham Van Helsing

This hero is one of the greatest scientists of his days and in the novel as well. He is a Dutchman, and he is that person who diagnoses Lucy Westenra's affliction.

He is very smart, and he is very educated in the sphere of Vampires. When he discovers that Dracula is among them, he immediately begins searching him. His English isn’t perfect, that is why he doesn’t have a lot of lines, but instead of it he works and moves a lot.

Old Professor Van Helsing is an experienced, competent man, but due to the unfortunately unskilled manner in which Stoker renders Van Helsing’s speech, he often comes across as somewhat bumbling. Nevertheless, Van Helsing emerges as a well-matched adversary to the count, and he is initially the only character who possesses a mind open enough to contemplate and address Dracula’s particular brand of evil.

This famous philosopher and metaphysician arrive on the scene versed not only in the modern methods of Western medicine but with unparalleled knowledge of superstitions and folk remedies. He straddles two distinct worlds, the old and the new: the first marked by fearful respect for tradition, the second by ever-progressing modernity. He also proposes Lucy how to get cured of her disease. Unlike his pupil who just diagnosed it.

Like many of the other characters, Van Helsing is relatively static, as he undergoes no great change or development throughout the course of the novel. Having helped rid the Earth of the count’s evil, he departs as he arrived: morally righteous and religiously committed. Van Helsing views his pursuit of Dracula with an air of grandiosity.

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