Agamemnon is one of the protagonists of the ancient Greek epic, the son of the Mycenaean king Atreus and Aeropus, the leader of the Greek troops during the Trojan War. After the murder of Atreus Agisf, Agamemnon and Menelaus were forced to flee to Attalia, but the king of Sparta Tindarei, having gone on a campaign to Mycenae, forced Fiesta to give power to the sons of Atreus. Agamemnon reigned in Mycenae (subsequently he expanded his possessions and became the most powerful ruler in all of Greece) and married the daughter of Tindarea Klimemestr. Agamemnon had three daughters and the son of Orest from this marriage. When Paris kidnapped Elena and all her ex-grooms united in a rally against Troy, Agamemnon, as the older brother of Menelaus and the most powerful of the Greek kings, was elected as the head of the whole race.

Agamemnon is a valiant warrior (description of his feats is given in the 11th book), but he doesn’t hide his arrogance and intransigence; these properties of the character of Agamemnon are the cause of many disasters for the Greeks. Killing a hunter, Agamemnon boasted that Artemis might envy such a shot; the goddess was angry and deprived of the Greek fleet of the passing wind. The Greeks could not leave Avilida for a long time (while Agamemnon didn’t sacrifice his daughter to Iphigenia for the goddess; this fact tells the Greek tradition about the enmities of the Clinic for the husband).

Captured during one of the raids in the neighborhood of Troy Christie, Agamemnon refuses to return her for the great redeeming of Father Chris, the priest of Apollo, and God, taking Chris's prayers, sends a pestilent ulcer to the Greek army. When the true cause of the distress is revealed, and Achilles demands that Agamemnon return the Chrysiste to her father, Agamemnon chooses from his Achilles captive Chrisieus, which leads to the long-term self-annihilation of the insulted Achilles from the battles and the heavy defeats of the Greeks.

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