Agnes Wainwright

Well, when it comes to the heroes we do not have a lot of information it becomes a little bit hard to find out moments where we can see the depth of their characters.

What facts do we know? Agnes is sixteen years old girl. She loves her family and likes spending time outside.  She is lovely, kind and hardworking. Is it enough for the person of those times to survive and live a normal life? We don’t know it for sure, but no, it isn’t enough. To survive in those tough situations, you have to be much more strict and strong than you are now.

Agnes is the daughter of the couple who shares the Joads’ boxcar toward the end of the novel. All of them were working very hard to earn money for better lives. She was also very helpful to everyone who asked her for help. Maybe exactly that thing was so much attractive to Al. At the end of the book he makes her proposal, they get engaged, and he decides to leave his family, to be with her, to live this life as long and happily together as they can. And again a wise proverb became truth – there is not such a point as a good man, there is a woman who can open it inside himself. 

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Agnes Wainwright in the Essays