Alejandra Rocha

Beautiful, charming, smart, tall, slim 17-year-old girl who shines every room she walks in. She is pale, with long black hair. She is a way of escaping from each trouble you may have in life. Our first meeting with Alejandra, Don Rocha's daughter, is what we ultimately retain as the core of her character: enigmatic.

What hobby can have a girl of that times having such strong energy? She was fond of riding a horse, her own Arabian horse in the ranch in the country. When she drives a horse, times stops – you may watch her riding for hours and didn’t mention that one hour is almost gone. She is a girl who inspires, she is the one, who can be a princess in any fairytale, and not a simple one, but the princess who will have dozens of admirers, and men who want to bring her ahead of the worst monster to prove their love.

In this book, everything is not about monsters; it is about love that John feels for the first time. When he sees her for the first time, he becomes absolutely infatuated with Alejandra. They begin a slow, tentative love affair that blossoms only when it is expressly forbidden by Alejandra's grandaunt.

When such a problem appears we start seeing and understanding, that even in books everything can’t be so sincere and easy. Alejandra's weakness is very hard: her rebellious impulsiveness. During the period when she appears in the book, we see numerous examples of what is said to be done and what is done by her. Also, we see how deep her love for John is, she even waits for him from the prison, but at the end of their love story, she fails to make the right decision. She chooses her dad and old family instead of John and the possibility to make a new one.

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