Alfred Doolittle

Eliza's father is a man who belongs to a working-class. The name of the hero "Doo-Little," is a stylistic device that the author uses to render the stereotypes about working-class. However, Doolittle's actions and words transform one's perception of his position in society. He has a different attitude to marriage and sex. Talking about his relationship with Eliza, the girl does not trust his father. When Doolittle arrives to find Eliza, Higgins characterizes his accent of Welsh origins which usually is typical for “dishonest” people. Besides, Higgins is only one person able to see right through Doolittle’s intentions. In fact, the Doolittle only desires to make a profit from Eliza’s possible new connection with Higgins. However, he is unsuccessful with his plans as Higgins knows from the beginning that Alfred came for nothing else but money. Also, it is necessary to mention that Doolittle is a person who makes fun of those individuals who believe being in an upper class is much better. He has no doubts that such material things as wealth and class cannot secure that a person has a really good life. Hence, the man prefers the lower class of society basically because of its free way of living and its lack of morals.

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Alfred Doolittle in the Essays