Hassan's father and a servant of Baba. Ali is a poor and an ethnic Hazara. A lot of time ago Baba’s father took him and saved from death after Ali’s parents were killed.  He grew up with Ali, and they were really good friends. Ali has problems with health because of polio he had in childhood. He has paralysis in his lower facial muscles. That is why when he was younger kids always made laugh on him. 

Ali is described as a very modest person working on Baba. He loves Hassan so much even knowing that he isn’t his real son. Also, it is quite possible that Ali is both the scariest-looking and the kindest character in the book. And it is obvious and visible that his life wasn’t from easy ones.

This guy has a lot of problems in life like it wasn’t enough to be a servant, destiny gives him more and more problems. First of all, Baba had an affair with Ali's wife and became a father of Hassan. Who can stand cool after that and be strong? Then, Amir forces Ali and Hassan to leave Baba's house. How can it be possible? To live the long life in a good house and be accidentally fired because of lack attention to poor little Amir?  Finally, when the war comes, he steps on the mine and dies. 

What’s more, like Hassan and Sohrab, he is a very kind and good person. Sometimes when Amir and Hassan were sitting a playing together, he started singing, and the boys immediately stopped to listen to his beautiful voice. He always respected Baba, even after the last slept with his wife. Only strong people can go through all life problems (like the ones above) and stay cool, with a sense of humour and, what is the most important, not to start hating other people.

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Ali in the Essays