One of Pablo's band Guerilla fighters. The man is in his late twenties. He has earned the reputation of who have enjoyed participating in the fiesta “Bulldog of Villaconejos” that takes place each year at his hometown. Talking about the mission, Andrés is a happy fellow selected by Robert Jordan as one who should carry a dispatch to Golz, the Republican command. Generally, he is happy that he should not participate in the attack on the bridge, although the feeling of guilty does not leave him.  In many aspects, there are reasons to contrast Andrés and Pablo. Although both Andrés and Pablo like killing, Andrés has already satisfied that thirst with bull-baiting. Hence, he has learned to control his thirst to kill in contrast to Pablo. So, Andrés has already got a taste for wither bull blood or fascist blood. Even though the hero enjoys big armies, he finally wants the war to be over. Hence, as in the case of the bullfighting, Andrés is happy to leave his band. His ultimate purpose in life is to have a farm and chickens.  However, his trip is not devoid of adventures as well. In his attempts to carry Robert Jordan's dispatch to Golz, Andrés confronts the disagreement with the Republican leaders’ bureaucracy. Unfortunately, he does not succeed to carry the dispatch on time. Nevertheless, in the end, his ultimate decision to leave the mission saves his life.

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