Anne-Marrie, a nursemaid of the children, plays a minor role in the development of the story. There is no much information about her character or life story. Considering her behavior throughout the play, it becomes evident that he is a very kind woman who likes Nora and sincerely tries to help her with house chores. Once, to become a nursemaid, she was urged to sacrifice her own happiness for the sake of money she needed to find a way to make ends meet. The fact that she left her own children makes her love Nora's kids like her own. She truly plays the role of mother and, in most cases, she is more able to help the children than Nora. She is one more character who proves that life is not always what a person hopes to experience. He is a female who in bad circumstances sacrifices everything that she has to survive in the community. Finally, when at the end of the story Nora decides to live the house, the first person she remembers is the nursemaid. In fact, the heroine feels that her children will be in safety mainly because the nursemaid will be even a better mother for them.

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Anne-Marie in the Essays