A gentle-hearted man, a professional guide, and hunter, is the member of Pablo's band. He is sixty-eight years old, and he can't bear the death of human beings. Because of this, during the story, Anselmo has to suppress his reluctance to killing people. The main reason for such objection is that Anselmo is a Christian. He even cries because of a murdered soldier who served for Anselmo's opponents. The old man seems to be wracked with his religious beliefs. Anselmo and Pablo have opposite views on life values. While Anselmo merely hates killing other individuals and does it only when the situation requires, for Pablo killing is a part of his life. As might be expected, Anselmo is the first who makes the indications that Pablo is not a person who one can trust. The hero is merely overwhelmed with his duty to kill others. This fact demonstrates his wise perception of life where one is supposed to commit evil things to stop a bigger evil. Throughout the story, Anselmo pries for having the power to stop in the needed moment and stay a human during fights. Consequently, the hero dies being honest to his ideologies till the end. 

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