Arthur Holmwood

Arthur is a very active young man of 29 years old. He is the only son of Lord Godalming. Later he inherits the title of lord and wealth of his father after the death of the last. Well, he was really happy about the opportunity to be so rich.

He has many pages of the role, but we don’t get him to end. His person can’t be fully discussed because Arthur is a little bit closed from others, we can only see him according to things he does. He is very brave as he isn’t scared to be against Dracula. He is very careful and caring. Arthur really loves Lucy and wants to be with her, that is why he proposes her to marry. In the course of his fight against Dracula’s dark powers,he makes everything to succeed. He even was the first who proposed to kill the demonic Lucy form.

Also, he is good friends with Dr. Seward and Quincey Morris. We can also say that he is loyal to his friends and will never betray them. To be honest, if you meet Arthur and spend some time with him, you will definitely want to be friends with him.

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Arthur Holmwood in the Essays