Assef is an example of a complete devil person in the text. He is a racist, rapist, murderer, and also he sees all Hazaras as inferior. This character is evil, cruel, sociopath, having no conscience at all. Even a word bully is very kind in response to him. We don’t like and even hate this character.

What can say more about him as the next example – he is a sociopath who worships Hitler. He and other like-minded people made a role model from him. They all made an aim to make their country free from Hazaras. 

Being a child (pay attention to the word child) he is exactly that neighbour who raped Hassan. Can we judge him and assume that he is insane? Sure we can. What can grow up from the child like that? Interesting? Read further.
Being an adult, he was delighted all the time he gives an order to kill a person. He was even happy to see how people suffer from pain, how people cry.

He keeps little Sohrab as a sex slave up to the time when Amir comes back from America to save him. Once, he beats Amir nearly to death because of the last one’s desire to help the boy. By the way, critics say that it is quite possible that Hosseini based the character of Assef on the real existed person, on the cruel Taliban leader Mullah Omar.

So, if Hassan and Rahim represent everything that is right and good then Assed is the biggest example of what is evil. This guy has no sense of what is kind, he is completely sick, and even if we try to find something, at least one thing that is good in Assef, we will find nothing, completely nothing. 

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Assef in the Essays