Aunt Beast

Aunt Beast is an alien living on the planet Ixchel. She plays a crucial role in Meg’s development as a person. The matter is that she tries to establish a connection with her through communication. It should be noted that aunt Beast looks much different from human beings. The inhabitants of Camazotz look more similar to humans. However, aunt Beast shares much more individual characteristics with humans. This example helps to convey the idea of how appearances can be deceptive. Besides that, aunt Beast can read people’s minds just like the inhabitants of Camazotz do. However, unlike them, she does not use her ability to conquer and dominate people’s minds but to establish communication. The author shows how difficult it is for Meg to establish a connection with the creature that does not have eyes as everything she can talk about is perceived through her sight. This issue shows how limited is humans’ sight.

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Aunt Beast in the Essays