Baba is Amir's father. In this book, he plays a role of Kabul’s hero and leader. Unfortunately, he had never been and felt connected to his son, especially when they all were living in Afghanistan. Baba is from such type of fathers who likes doing things for other people, showing what a good person he is, but in fact, they do nothing for the closest people they have – their families. Baba is exactly from that type of fathers, and that is why Amir always felt that he isn’t a beloved son.

Being a father of two boys - Amir and Hassan he knew that he has to be wealthy so in a short-term (big luck) he became a well-respected businessman. First and main Baba’s belief is to do what is right and think for oneself, and he tries to forward these qualities to his first son. What is very sympathetic – he never lets people with lack of belief to stop him from doing things which he considers to be right. He is described as a person who doesn’t have lots of religious ground. He has his moral code and acts according to it with great bravery. Sometimes he can even risk his own life. Also, we know that the fact Hassan is his child makes him feel shame, and he never acts like a real father to him automatically pushing away Amir. We know that he really loves Amir but having secrets sometimes leads to estrangement.

Also, Baba tries to raise Amir to be braver and stronger because he believes that this will help Amir to open himself and to show love for Hassan. Baba dies of cancer in San Francisco right after Amir's wedding.

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