Bailey Johnson

Bailey Johnson is a brother of the main novel character Maya. He was handsome: black hair, smooth skin and pleasant facial – all these made him attractive. His appearance was very useful for Bailey; it helped him to cope with a lot of problems. For example, he faced racism more rarely than his sister. In addition, he was a very smart and witty boy. He even played with local white children. However, it wasn’t enough to draw the attention of the boy's mother. As well as his sister he was rejected by her. Bailey did a lot of things in an effort to get on well with her. The boy watched films in which the main actress was similar to his mother. There was a lack of love in his life that’s why he was trying to find all types of it (parental, sisterly, and romantic) in one person. Actually, he did it when started to date with Joyce. Bailey's attitude to racism differed a lot from one of his sisters. While she openly fought with it, he could witness it without intervention. Later, he took risks in order to prove his point of view even when it was dangerous.

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