Basil Hallward

Basil is a very famous painter in a circle of Lond’s aristocracy. He likes Dorian a lot; he painted him so many times in order to make his ideal variant of Dorian’s picture. It was exactly Basil, who introduced Dorian to Lord Henry. If we can judge Lord and Basil from the point of good and bad views, we can summarize that Lord is in Devil’s army, while Basil is in God’s one. He's an eternal idealist who truly believes in the innate goodness of mankind.

A very important thing which he didn’t realize was that he couldn’t understand that he is living in a bad world, and all his attempts to bring something good were predicted to be ill-omened.

Basil is very talented. As each artist and a person close to such a profession, he believes in Beauty, Truth, and Love. As he sees Beauty in front of him (we mean Dorian) he keeps thinking that Truth and love are near; the world is beautiful; nothing bad is happening. His love to Dorian even changes the way he sees art. Moreover, he started opening something new in his talent. What is more Basils’ portrait of Dorian started a new phase in his career, he was in his peak. The artist tried to be a good friend for Dorian. Unfortunately, his destiny wasn’t so good to him. Basil’s commitment to Dorian, which ultimately proves fatal, reveals the genuineness of his love for his favourite subject and his concern for the safety and salvation of Dorian’s soul When Dorian was in hysteria because of the possibility to lose his beauty he didn’t understand that he killed Basil. That is how life ended with this character.

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