Bathsheba Everdene

Bathsheba Everdene is a beautiful, independent and willful women, who inherits from her uncle the family farm in the backwoods of Northern England and gains financial independence. Everdene is trying by all means to revive the former greatness of the estate, but at this time three different men are fighting for her heart.

She is an unusual rural girl of the Victorian era, a young coquette, who loves when men tell her compliments and give signs of attention, but she is not going to marry yet. Bathsheba never dreamed of marriage, and the inheritance from her uncle gave her the desired freedom and independence.

This is a woman who can be capricious, selfish, vain, but at the same time, she is strong, attractive and admirable. She is spontaneous and charming, windy and inconsistent, proud and independent, kindhearted and sometimes cruel. Bathsheba is strong, thirsty and at the same time not thirsty for love, unable to say a firm “yes” or a firm “no.”

Everdene does rather stupid things for which she and other people should pay a high price. Her joking valentine letter to Mr. Boldwood gives him hope and leads to reckless unwanted romance. Her temper and jealousy become a reason for hateful and unhappy marriage. Her vibes and stubbornness cause mental pain to Gabriel who is trying to protect her in every way.

She does not follow any instructions, she entered the men`s world, demonstrating the power of women, that was unacceptable at that time. And at the same time, she is a defenseless woman trying to understand men and the world around her. This duality makes her a rich and attractive character. Miss Everdeen will have to go a long way to understand whom she truly loves.

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