Benny is one of those characters that do not influence the novel development but still have their position and role in this process. Benny is a son of Linda and Dr. Sands, the young white man. After his father has bought him the freedom, he lives with his grandmother. In the first years of his life, Benny was weak and always sick. However, in the process of the story development, he turns into a lovely young boy. He is full of energy and shows his smartness in every situation. The fate of the boy is rather specific relating to the situation he was born in.

Benny does not know his mother is hiding in the house where he lives. Linda’s grandmother later sends him to the North and William takes care of him. William is his uncle, who received freedom as well. At the time Linda comes to England, Benny is making a trade. However, when she comes back, she discovers that the boy went on a whaling voyage. He became free of the racism situation and intolerance. Benny went to Boston where he works and lives freely. When he comes back one day, he started traveling to California together with his uncle, William.

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