Blanche DuBois

Blanche Dubois is the main character of the story “A Streetcar Named Desire,” Stella’s older sister, a noblewoman from the old, young, but impoverished family of DuBois. She is refined, intelligent, beautiful, but weak woman. She is about 27 years old, she is attractive enough, but all the time she tries to stay in the shade avoids direct exposure to light. At the age of 27, I saw a lot of things in my life and was almost disappointed in everything. After her parents death, Stella went to the city to look for the best life, because of ignorance of the practical side of life, their family nest went to pay off mortgages. Behind Blanche has bitter experience in personal life. Her beloved husband, Allan, a young poet, handsome, turned out to be a homosexual. He committed suicide when he learned that his secret was revealed. Endless disappointments led her to alcoholism and frivolous sexual behavior. She came into contact with her 17 years student. That’s why she was kicked out of the school where she taught English in disgrace. In this way, in the desire to start a new life, the main character finds herself in the house of her sister and her husband, with whom from the very beginning she has a conflict. In the eyes of Blanche, their marriage is an obvious misalliance. Stella is a submissive, kind, sophisticated woman. Stanley is a primitive animal, rude, suspicious and vindictive, with a little intelligence and manners of a caveman. Their irreconcilable opposition, flavored with Blanche’s alcohol addiction and Stanley’s growing aggression, ends in the most tragic way with physical violence against Blanche, after which she loses her mind and goes to a psychiatric hospital.

In the cruel, disastrous relationship Blanche DuBois and Stanley Kowalski found a reflection of the intense interest in the deep, subconscious layers of the psyche peculiar to the playwright. In addition, in the relationship of these heroes can be traced the conflict of weakness and strength.

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