Blazes Boylan

The novel "Ulysses," as well as the character of Blazes Boylan is unique. Joyce went against the tradition that existed for centuries and made the subject of the picture in the novel not a special day in the life of heroes, but simply a day, during which almost nothing happens, one day of life.

It’s one day of the world, in which the whole history of mankind, the whole history of literature from Homer to the present, has been accumulated. And even its future, since the innovation of the Irish author, the technique of the "stream of consciousness" applied by him, set the direction for the development of elegant literature for many years-without "Ulysses." It’s inconceivable not only for European modernism but for postmodernism as well.

Blazes Boylan is a concert promoter. He is responsible for advising potential customers on issues related to product promotion; questionnaire of those, who applied for tasting or consulting; conducting presentations of goods or services; drawing a prize or hand out gifts to potential consumers of goods or services; organization of massive promotions.

Blazes Boylan is a lover of Molly Bloom. Bloom says as much in ‘Lestrygonians’ when he gazes along the food shelves in Davy Byrne’s bar, but he also draws attention to how they are reared on sewage, and he is inevitably reminded of Boylan. Molly’s thoughts also move from the maid and the oysters to Boylan, who, she thinks, must have been eating a lot of them judging by the size of his member and the way he sang during their lovemaking. Seconds later she confuses a story she has heard about a chastity belt with an oyster knife, which is surely not a coincidence.

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