Jimmy Blevins

The first thing we get to know about him is that he is a terrible liar. Have you ever seen people who simply can’t lie? They can’t look on you or try to do something with their hands. It even seems like they are in a hurry somewhere. The same situation is with this hero. A person who was born as a completely true person.

At the part where we meet him, he claims that he is sixteen and he is a perfect rider on the horse and possesses the same name as a popular radio personality - all of which Rawlins impugns. Why did he do that? Just because he wanted to travel with this guys, and in another reason, they wouldn’t take him with them.

What is more, we know that Jimmy has a terrible thing in his character – he can’t easily forget about the error or mistake he did and let it go to the past. He can’t forgive himself his own mistakes. Also, he is very courageous. We can see in the chapter where he was fighting with a man who stole his pistol. He didn’t understand to the ends that he could die, the first thing he realized was – him or me. And you know, maybe it is right.

Blevins and Rawlins seem to form sibling relationships, while he and John Grady relate more like father and son. After being with our main heroes, he disappears for a third part of the novel. The last time we see him is just before he is taken out by the Encantada guards and summarily executed. Sad, but this hero was an important one for our boys, as Jimmy was very hospitable, he gave beds and food for the guys, and in some.

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