Bob Cratchit

Bob Cratchit is the minor character of the carol. He symbolizes one of the important themes embodied in the story of Dickens, which is the image of the lives of the poor, in particular, the inhabitants of the cities suffering from cold and hunger. The author shows one day of the family of Bob Cratchit, but he is full of despair, anxiety and, at the same time, the strength of spirit, optimism, the desire for family warmth and sincerity. His family was governed by Concord and love, despite material disadvantages.

Why did Bob offer a toast for Mr. Scrooge, since he did not do anything good to him? Bob was a very kind and merciful person; he forgave everyone. The image of Bob Cratchit was created by Dickens to show the importance of family. As you know, Scrooge did not have good family relations. The spirit wanted to show him the warmth of the family fire, to get to his heart. And show, that money is not the main thing in life. The example of Bob Cratchit helped Scrooge to realize that he has lost his life.

As a result of observing the life of Bob, Scrooge concluded that he needs to make his life better. After the traveling, Scrooge raised Bob's salary, gave money to Tim's treatment, bought a big turkey for the family of Cratchit.

The author hoped that the character of Bob Cratchit would help the indifferent riches to open their eyes to real life, to re-educate them, as happened, for example, with the “lost person” of Scrooge.

Bob’s whole family (a wife and five children) lived on his meager salary. But the poor clerk had long been accustomed to the owner’s greed, so he quickly finished his work, wound a long white scarf around his neck (he didn’t have a winter coat) and rushed home, where his wife and children waited for him to celebrate the offensive Christmas.

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