This particular character that is left unnamed by the author comes into sight in only two times. The audience witnesses the time he comes out only closer to the resolution of the first Act, and in the middle of the final part. The unpleasant news he brings to the waiting and hoping the main characters is that his master is about to appear the next day. The other day, he appears and presents the same information, showing no particular concern for the situation. Along these lines, the author of Waiting for Godot presents to the audience his perception of such notions as hope and illusion.

In addition, this is his way to show people the way they live their everyday routine. In fact, the theme of everyday routine is primary in this literary work, and the boy with his messages from Mr. Godot is a great representation of tomorrow. The moment of arrival of Mr. Godot, as well as the best day without problems and concerns,  are not likely to come at all, leaving people only to dream about it. Thus, the boy shows the weak spirit of ordinary people, displaying their real lives full of moments like waiting for Mr. Godot. 

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Boy in the Essays