Brian Walls

He is the boy of the Walls siblings and learns very young how to protect his sisters. He grows up to be a protector as well when he becomes a police officer. Brian is the closest to Jeannette for much of their childhood: they play together, forage for food together, and defend themselves from other kids with each other help.

According to Mom`s stories, he was born blue, because he had a gasp and he could not breathe. Seeing the child, Rose thought that he was not a resident of this world, but Brian survived. During the first year of life, Brian had seizures, but then they stopped. He grew up a hardy little boy, never whimpered or cried, even when Lori accidentally pushed him off the bed on the second tier: he then fell and broke his nose.

Brian is intensely loyal: as a young child, he hides in the bushes at one point to help Jeannette fight back against three older girls, and from seventh grade, he mows lawns to contribute to Jeannette and Lori’s escape fund even though he’s too young to leave.

Later Brian lived his own life and almost never saw this parent. He married and bought an old Victorian house on Long Island and started repairing it. He had a wife and a little daughter Veronica. In general, he had his own family. Brian had become a decorated sergeant detective, supervising a special unit that investigated organized crime.

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