Candace "Caddy" Compson

Caddy is the central connecting image of the novel. We can see her character only through the prism of her three brothers and parents. Benjy sees his sister as a kind and beautiful woman and says that she ‘smells of trees.’ Caddy treats him well, pities her little brother, and he pays her for this selfless love. Quentin also loves his sister so much, but he painfully experiences the good fall of Caddy, who expects the child from Dalton Ames.

To hide the shame, Compsons immediately take Caddy out of Jefferson and marry her to a rich banker — Herbert Head. Unfortunately, he breaks up with her when he finds out that she is pregnant. Quentin cannot bear the disgrace of her sister. For him, Caddy personifies a happy past that has disappeared, collapsed under the influence of the new time. Both of brothers try to stop Caddy from the escape but unfortunately without effect.

Her another brother Jason has the completely different attitude to Caddy. He hates her for lost possibilities and sees her only as a source of profit. He blames her for all the bad that happened to their family. We can create the image of her putting together all four parts of the novel, making conclusions through her relative's sight. Her early growth and romances, a child born out of wedlock and finally her missing and lost contact with her daughter make us sympathize and give us the full story of her broken life.

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Candace "Caddy" Compson in the Essays