Cecilia Jupe (Sissy)

Though Sissy is not the protagonist of the story, her personality is of the utmost importance in terms of the main message of the author. She is kind and emotionally educated person. Sissy’s father is a circus actor who forsook her; therefore, she was obliged to accept any offer which seemed to be the last chance of normal living for her. Sissy comes to Mr. Gradgrind’s house as a servant and acts like a helping pill for Louise and Tom. She is not attracted by the ideas of the host of a house and, that is why she does not take into consideration Mr. Gradgrind’s philosophy.

Since Sissy is the only positive character of the story, the reader is really relieved whenever he encounters the character of Cecilia. Even though, her education is not as good as the Gradgrinds’, she is the only person to uncover Tom’s relation to the robbery of the bank. As we know, she was kind and sympathetic, that is why Sissy helped Tom to make the arrangement of leaving the country and save his life.

Sissy’s benevolent attitude helps Louisa’s emotional recovery. However, their friendship undertook several pitfalls by the plot, kind heart of Sissy couldn’t reject giving a helping hand to the needed woman. The fact is that Ch. Dickens wanted to send a very significant message to his readers that being emotionally healthy may help to get good work, loving family and caring friends. Cecilia is the only character of the book which manages to live a happy life and disclose the world of maternity in peace and safety from jealousy of the society.

Moreover, she didn’t despise her father for abandoning her lately. On her own example of pardoning her dad, she helps Louisa excuse her selfish dad, Mr. Gradgrinds.

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