Cecily Cardew

Here we come to Cecily. She is a granddaughter of that old gentleman, Sir Thomas Cardew, who once found. Saved and adopted Jack when the last was a cute little baby. You know, while reading the text we see that Cecile is probably the most realistic character. 

She is of a very nice age; she is 18. She has a governess Miss Prism who tutors her for a long time. She is a very romantic, imaginative, kind, sensitive girl who feels the repression of Prism's rules. Cecily is a little bit silly and naïve girl, and we understand it after she declares that she wants to meet a "wicked man." Also, she is described as less sophisticated than Gwendolen. 

She has a normal life with desires to get married and have children with a man of her dreams. Also, in this book, she is the ward of Jack, a real one, not Earnest ones and she lives with him in the country. She is young and pretty, and by the way, all the love triangles are presented here as well. Algernon is in love with this girl. He said to her that he is Ernest, brother of Jack. As Cecile heard about that brother, she easily writes him letters for two months up to the time she meets Algernon/Ernest. Like Gwendolen, her primary desire is to marry a man whose name is Ernest.

Only the idea and struggle to keep up with that period of time has prompted her to fall in love with Jack’s brother Ernest. Anyway, she was a good girl as her desires where only in her head.  

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