Charles Wallace Murry

Charles Wallace Murry is one of the main characters of the story. He is Meg’s brother and the youngest child of Alex and Kate Murry. Even though Charles Wallace is only five, he is an extraordinary child with extremely rich vocabulary and intellect of a genius. Besides that, he can empathically read other people’s minds. One of his peculiarities lies in the fact that until he was four, Charles Wallace could not speak at all. However, at some moment, he began to build complete sentences and speak wiser than the majority of adults.

The main struggle for Charles Wallace lies in the fact that he tries to embrace his childhood while knowing that he is unordinary and more gifted than others at his age. For example, although Charles Wallace speaks like he is a clever and experienced professor, he says that he cannot read. The only thing that stops him from learning how to read is the fact that others will hate him if he knows too much.

Charles Wallace’s main weakness is hidden in his high opinion concerning himself and his abilities. It is actually what makes him caught up in the hands of the Man with the Red Eyes. Charles Wallace is even warned by Mrs. Whatsit that among the three friends, he is the most vulnerable because of his cleverness and confidence. She warns him that pride and arrogance would betray him, and this is what happens in the story when the boy faces the Man with the Red Eyes.

Finally, at the end of the story, Meg has to save Charles Wallace, and the only possible way to do it is through the power of love. This episode conveys the idea that a mind is powerless without a heart. At the same time, the fact that Charles Wallace submits to the Man with the Red Eyes and becomes evil makes it possible for the three of them to meet Meg’s father. That is why there is a possibility that Charles Wallace allowed IT to take control over him to help all of them find Mr. Murry.

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